Hass.io & LG AN-VC500


A few years (2013) back I bought an LG TV in Japan. Sacrilege I know, so far it serves me very well. I had always wanted the skype cam option to go with it, but at the time the AN-VC500 was retailing for about 200$ in shops. End 2015 beginning 2016 that had dropped to 5200 JPY or about 40-45USD.

Come mid 2016 and as good old microsoft had bought skype years back decided to no longer support smart TV skype. There goes the skype video call idea which was barely used.


The TV does support motion detection and menu functions. For example raising your hand and making a fist activates a menu or something (see below). It came on so sporadically that I could never use it properly. I don’t think I even knew about the picture/video function. At 1920×1080 max resolution I don’t think that I missed out on many amazing shots.

LG motion control

LG camera function

The camera has since sat idle perched on the TV until Hass.io and the Pi3B. I’ve connected the camera to the raspberry pi using the info


Adding the camera entry in the configuration.yaml file

– platform: local_file
name: living room cam
file_path: /share/motion/lastsnap.jpg

After adding the new repository https://github.com/HerrHofrat/hassio-addons in the Hass.io ->   ADD-ON STORE -> ADD

Then after installing MOTION, I tweaked some settings.

Originally I left it on the default settings but there were way too many files created.  It would have averaged out to at least 3GB a day.

As it faces the couch it’s just to see what’s going on so turned off the picture output function. I’m also not using max resolution as the pi seems to be smoother working with the 720p, plus the quality is rather low regardless.

My Hass.io configuration for the moment is below.

“config”: “”,
“videodevice”: “/dev/video0”,
“input”: 0,
“width”: 1280,
“height”: 720,
“framerate”: 2,
“text_right”: “%Y-%m-%d %T-%q”,
“target_dir”: “/share/motion”,
“snapshot_interval”: 2,
“snapshot_name”: “best”,
“picture_output”: “off”,
“picture_name”: “%v-%Y%m%d%H%M%S-motion-capture”,
“webcontrol_local”: “on”,
“webcontrol_html”: “on”

For now things are working well.

  • I may play more with the settings perhaps saving the pictures that are constantly rewritten on a USB stick as opposed to the memory card.
  • Maybe play around with the motion detection setting again and fine tune it.

Picture from mercadolibre

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