“Gettin’ Digoo with it” pt3 [the reboxing]

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

PROBLEM 2: Onvif support. I dug around on the digoo forums. It turns out other are also unhappy with this camera. From what I can tell onvif is only partially supported or in a non standard way. Which defeats the purpose of the ONVIF standard, or I could be mistaken.

I did get the video to work

  – platform: ffmpeg
input: rtsp://admin:PASSWORD@192.168.xxx.xxx:554/onvif1
username: admin
password: 20160404
name: Digoo cam friendly name
port: 554

I did as a last ditch effort I tried setting it up with ispy. With the following link. It worked rather well, but when the camera wants nothing to do with the hassio configuration

PROBLEM 3: For the issue of time resetting every 24 hours.

I’m still not sure why this happen although now that I have root access I’ve discovered that the hwclock (hardware clock) wasn’t setup and that only the software clock was on the good time.
I’ve now synchronized the hardware clock to the software clocks time. Let’s see how this plays out in 24 hours.

I thought this was a good solution. Alas it is still resetting or rebooting on its own and clearing out the time.

Finally I was thinking that I could have it write the time to a script and save it locally in the camera using busybox. Then boot up using said time file.

But as my return window for amazon is still open I decided to ask the vendor for help.

I explained that onvif was not fully or at all supported. That the camera reboots and resets time every 24 hours.

I was told to…

Reset the camera

Having worked in technical support previously I decided to side with him and just do it.

Of course it works and 24 hours later I still had time and no reset. 36 hours later still going strong. 48 hours and still…. nope reset again.

Well I’ve put in a request to return it. It’s not fulfilling my needs and is quite possibly defective.

PROBLEM 4: Another issue is that I cannot seem to connect to this camera often with its own app. It always displays an error or various kinds.

In the end this camera showed promise but for 4000JPY with these issues, it’s just not worth it for me.

Sorry digoo I’ll pass on this BB-M1X. I’ve spend too much time on this.

For the average person who appreciates ease of install and use at the expense of security, with good image, by all means.
If you’re somewhat concerned about security, I would pass as it doesn’t have any options you can modify easily, such as NTP server or other and of course the glaring open telnet connection

The next camera I would have wanted were these

however it seems to not be sold anymore alternatively there’s the bigger version which is easily hack-able and can provide direct MQTT support.

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