Bruh mutlisensor AliExpress for under 10$

It’s been a while since I did any electronics. I no longer have a soldering iron or any accessories.

Having watched Bruh Automation I got a Rasperry Pi3 B on amazon Japan. It was a little overpriced at 5980JPY a story for another time.

In the “$15 DIY Multisensor – Temperature, Humidity, Light, Motion, and RGB LED” video Ben links parts to AliExpress.

Having only heard faint details about it I decided to ask a few friends.

One mentioned that he bought off them years back and that he paid by PayPal. That would have been nice. Sadly the option is no more.

Another friend who lives in China said AliExpress is much like taobao (Chinese eBay) as in it’s huge. Ali pay and alibaba are some of the biggest companies out there. So it’s “probably” safe he told me.

Off I went ordering parts. So as I ordered the 5 parts at the same time from almost the same separate vendors Ben mentions.

Part Cost (10pcs) Order Received Shop
NodeMCU 1.0 3272 2018.03.24 2018.03.29 Samiore
Mini PIR * 1589 2018.03.24 2018.03.29 Your Cee
RGB Led 141 2018.03.24 2018.03.29 Teamdewhole
LDR Photoresis 1060 2018.03.24 2018.04.02 Goldeleway
DHT22 Module 2730 2018.03.24 2018.04.02 GreatWall
Sub Total 8792 (JPY)  + Enclosure  + Misc

*PIR – This is the only item I couldn’t buy from the links provided. AliExpress usually offers alternates. The pieces looked about right. (now 1546¥) This is an alternate shop which was cheaper and more importantly not sold out.

Given that the video is now about a year old it’s nice to see that the vendors are still around and all the above mentioned ones have a 98-99% positive feedback rating.

The leads I had purchased on Amazon for the Sonoff basics which should be arriving soon enough. The price on Amazon was just a tiny bit more expensive with faster shipping.

Another cost to these multisensors provided the parts all work is the enclosure. I’m thinking that I’ll just swing by a DIY home hardware shop or Daiso (dollar store).

I’m currently wondering if I can put more sensors on the NodeMCU… for example a door open close sensor or a double PIR to scan left and right in a hallway.

PIR set in a baggie in a bubble wrap envelope
The common Cathode RGB LEDs came in an envelope with a little protective wrapping
NodeMCUs came 10 randomly stuffed in a padded envelope
Photo resistors
The DHT22s came in individually sealed bags which is good. BUT the cables that came with were sometimes too loose to be of any use
  • Car Air freshener case: Daiso / 100¥
  • USB power adapter Daiso / 200¥ (not all units)
  • A couple micro USB cables / 100¥ (not all units)

Most of them reused many chargers and cables I had lying around.

This an old unfinished post.

Will end this here.

One thought on “Bruh mutlisensor AliExpress for under 10$

  1. Which car air freshener case did you use? I also live in Japan and in walking distance to a Daiso.


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