pfSense not sensing

A few days ago the wifi network at home stopped allowing internet access, wired network also stopped. Internal pings were working, all devices were seemingly online, scanning with FING (I was still connected at the time) revealed nothing out of the ordinary. But no internet access.

A quick login to the pfSense web gui revealed nothing unusual, another quick check to the pfsense console, all seems well. Restart.

Screenshot pfsense

All was well….until this happened again this time another reboot didn’t solve the issue.

My network had no internet, local network access only. Oddly enough I could connect with 4G with VPN to the router?!?! That is odd.

In console I decided to re-assign the same roles for the onboard Realtek nic (LAN) and Intel nic (wan). Reboot, and now I can’t use my VPN over 4G or locally.

This time in the console I notice that I don’t have an IP for my WAN, it’s just blank. I’ve never seen this before.

Random pic from the net slightly edited

A log into the console revealed the same, wan IP is blank.
In the adapter settings my userid and password for my ISP were missing.
After tracking them down, entering them and saving, internet is back.
Under the guise of WAN (wan) -> PPPOE2 -> v4/PPPOE

Better save my configuration before I forget:
Diagnostics -> Backup & Restore -> Backup & Restore
(later edit: Luckily pfsense saves up to 30 previous configurations automatically.)

More to come if this is ongoing… I hope not


Sigh Part 2



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