Pfsense not sensing pt2, “the dissapearing”

And the joy continues…  (part 1)

Away from home I realize that I can’t access Hassio. Is it crashed again? It’s happened unusually a lot lately.

Can’t access it via vpn and hassio app. Cannot access http either. Hmm.
I have a suspicion that this isn’t an isolated issue. IPMI app for my server is not connecting either.

Clearly this is network wide. But my vpn is working. So it’s not the router, oh but by the title on this entry it so is, it must be.
Login to pfsense to discover my LAN interface is no longer displayed on the main summary page. Not good.

7:45 hours since the last fix…

I take a look in adapters, X out the use this adapter option thinking I could re add it right after. That was a mistake as the following is all I can now see. Reloading pfsense only gives me the big red screen.

501.0c is mighty toasty. #whatsthatinfahrenheit

Complications compounding complications are the reason people flock to apple, where this just works for most people. I sometimes hate having this hobby.

An HTTP_REFERER was detected other than what is defined in System > Advanced ( You can disable this check if needed in System –> Advanced –> Admin

That’s a little hard to disable when anything you do gives you the shiny red HTTP_REFERER screen.

Hindsight being what is, I should have set up a way to access the console CLI remotely. Normally I’d rely on google Remote Desktop as usually something is running but of course, not this time. But even then in this instance Google Remote Desktop wouldn’t  work if there was no lan->net access. I guess there is nothing to do until I physically assess the situation.

As I commute home I do find solace in knowing that my local network is not open to the internet and also knowing that my VPN doesn’t actually go through via the local network but only goes as far as the wan. ie. mobile -> VPN -> WAN -> NET

This commute is long… I want to fix this

Part 3

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