Deodorant in Japan.

Western style that is. It’s so hard to find.

The spray on stuff here works well enough albeit expensive as a spray aerosol is about 500¥ and it doesn’t last as long as a stick or western deodorant or anti-perspirant.

Actually March 22nd-April 2nd.

I had seen some on sale at the Akihabara Don Quijote (Donki) a decade ago. Other times I just don’t remember as I usually have stock from incoming visitors. This time I’m out. I’m using the 8×4 for men non-fragrance. It does it’s job well enough.

Today I just received some DOVE antiperspirant airmailed from LA (LA Shop on amazon). Just as the temperature is starting to get hot. This is great.

As a backup of course I’ve asked friends and fam to send/bring more.

I’ve never tried this and I’m not a fan of the white powdery type but beggars cannot be choosers especially at this price point.

日本で海外であるデオドラント見つかり辛くってアマゾンで買っちゃった (^_^)

Later edit: I happen to pass by the akihabara donki the other day to find that they no longer carry western stick deodorant.

In the mean time the dove antiperspirant is working well.

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