Pfsense not sensing pt3 “the backuping”

(Part 1, Part 2)
Having saved a backup of my working pfsense setup in part 1. I went into this with a little more confidence that I could restore the setups to pre-disappearing LAN/WAN tricks.

Arriving home, I attack the issue. So, no lan, no wifi (iphone refuses to connect) open pfsense console.

WAN is on PPPOE, and online. I’m getting dynamic DNS change confirmation emails when I reboot.
LAN is missing…as I removed it in my haste to solve this remotely. (live and learn?)
ovpns1: working but no data transfer now.

dudewheresmylanIn my haste I try to assign interfaces again.
I don’t think I messed up the order but now it showed my ovpns1 as (up) and nothing worked. Open VPN wouldn’t connect. I was worse off.

I tried to redo my last steps and reboot.
Ok it reverted, this is not as bad.

Let’s try auto Assign Interfaces, nothing was auto detecting.
Let’s try Set interface(s) IP address and assign the IP I want for the internal network, hit enter and the system just freezes there. Ctrl-alt-del, shutdown-restart. IP addresses had not changed.

Let’s try Set interface(s) IP address AGAIN. this time hitting enter and blowing through it. IP addresses have changed, so they are changeable.

Let’s try Set interface(s) IP address to reset them back, and of course it doesn’t work.IMG_5987

Willing to reset/reinstall the whole system I take a break to read the options. HMMMM what is this at number 15 “Restore recent configuration“.
Is this too good to be true I think to myself.
Select number 15 and hit enter, then I’m presented with a list… the list stops at 7. The router is connected to my LG HD tv.
How in the world do I scroll up to see the options up to 30?

Could it be SCROLL LOCK? (I actually had to search it, #shame)
Scrolled up to select the version I wanted to restore to.
Once selected, just for fun I restarted pfsense… and all is back to normal.

I can only hope it’ll hold. I have no idea what caused this in the first place.

I guess I don’t need to invest in a dry ice cooling system now.

A short sleep later…

WAN and LAN are still displayed in the console, but there is no net traffic. A ping from the console to a LAN ip says no route found,. A ping to google from the WAN works.

Sigh… unresolved.

Reboot from console.
ALL WORKING… has my NIC  (integrated realtek) gone bad?

Took this opportunity to update all packages version and update to 2.4.3-RELEASE.

For now another waiting game…

Part 4

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