Pfsense not… this is getting old (update 40days later)

Away from home pfsense held up today.   (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

For about 12 hours. Got home and pfsense dropped the LAN card. A quick reboot and it’s back. But just as quickly it dropped the LAN card again.

Back to square one again. This is really getting old.
Scour the internet again… up until now I thought it might be related to hassio in the Pi3b crashing, (removed bluetooth and it seems to be working), or heavy vpn transers which happen to coincide with the pfsense LAN disappearance. NO VPN this time and no Bluetooth.

The last things that crossed my mind are logs that are getting full, but that’s somewhat ridiculous, especially after a 5 minute uptime.
Speedtests are within the norm.

Lastly it could be the actual NIC that is dying… I really hope it’s not as it’s the on-board NIC from a MSI N3150i ECO.

If it is dying I remember a while back my speeds dropped. So I had manually assigned it 1000mb/s and full duplex, this was reverted to default auto selection.

Also since I’m trying things out willy nilly I’ve tried a suggestion from the PFSENSE forums

Valid (tick) “Disable hardware checksum offload” resolved my problem”
in [System / Advanced / Networking]

That’s all I have time or patience for today. It’s another wait and see situation.

Should it fail again the official trouble shooting is next on the TODO list

48 hours later…  UPTIME 2d 01:21:09 and counting.
72 hours later…  Uptime: 3d 01:33:26 and counting.

Well this is already much better than previous days.

A full month later this is holding strong.

40 days in I have a reoccurrence.

Out of the blue as I was using it with on my phone the net drops. Again the LAN card for my pfsense box went MIA.

  • rebooted – no change.
  • Set card as “default” – no change
  • As I unchecked options – status returned to normal.
  • Rechecked boxes and set card to 1000 full duplex and flow control.
  • DNS resolver offline. Reset
  • Wait and see again

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