Sonoff *in fluorescent light housing.

Although it’s a different light. There has been an update to the way I have integrated the sonoff basic. It no longer hangs off the edge but is rather unnoticed and sitting inside despite the 40c operating limit.

See post here


Living in Japan fluorescent lighting in house is everywhere. Although I’ve gotten used to it now it was strange at first.

Virtually all rooms have fluorescent lighting as they are much more efficient versus traditional incandescent bulbs.

Times have changed. Although led lighting alternatives have made strong inroads many if not most houses still have the circular fluorescent bulbs lighting them.

At home we have 3, one for a common (entrance) area, living room and bedroom. The biggest has two circular bulbs (common area) and guzzles 73watts… it is also the one that is left on the most.

The kitchen is a close second for being left on taking up 50watts.

Ideally a replacement would be good but as this is a rental home I’d rather not buy too much.

The bedroom light has been disabled and replaced with an led strip inside the housing for now.

Today after prepping some sonoffs I finally was able to install a sonoff in the fluorescent light cover/housing.

First step, turn off the light. (Breaker would have been better in this half assed house, as you never know if the switch is on the neutral or live wire . It’s a rental house)

As a proof of concept I removed the fixture from the ceiling.

First step to check is the wire coming out of he ceiling. Dismantling the adapter I see that it’s a pass through wire. That is good news as the sonoff connects to the mains.

Having purchased compatible plugs I cut some wire and fitted the plugs on one end making sure the male female ends were appropriately matched. The again making sure they are the good fit with the light I inserted the sonoff.

And the moment of truth. I flipped the switch and sonoffs green LED lit up. Opening home assistant and having my switch preinstalled. Click on…. “let there be light” it works.

Click off…. darkness (for daytime)

Fantastic. Now to figure out the Japanese system of rapid on/off in succession to change the unit’s brightness level.

Doing this rapid on/off is doable in home assistant’s interface. But a dedicated button might also be good.

Maybe have it turn to the lowest setting when movement is picked up in the middle of the night as to not blind anyone. (It might be too dark)

Triggers automations are next on the list of things to learn.

PROBLEM: Later edit… after taking off the light cover after an hour of use. I found the bulbs to be rather warm. I left an extra multisensor inside for another hour. With an ambient temp of about 22 the temp at the lowest point of the cover was 45c. In summer it can reach 35+ here. So I’m thinking that it might exceed the sonoff max operating temp.

SOLUTION: extending the leads going to the sonoff and putting the sonoff outside might be better somewhat like the picture on the itead site.

UPDATE I later connected the Sonoffs to a Circular LED board and not use the Fluorescent 

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