Sonoffs flashed

Received sonoffs a week ago. Been having an inordinate amount of trouble getting the portable arduino ide software working.

It would give me various errors with no solution. Installing the full version for some reason made the problems go away.

The unstable jumperwire connection I had made to the sonoff didn’t much help. A little electrical tape to wrap the pins helped.

Having the whole thing connected (USB cable-ftdi-sonoff) then inserting the USB cable from the ftdi board into the computer while pressing the black sonoff button helped ease the process.

In the arduino ide software at the top of the page of “code” for the sonoff (or any project I assume) it’s best to make sure the dependencies are all marked off in orange. (Although JSON wasn’t)

After a bit of messing about I was able to flash the sonoffs (as well as the bruh multi sensors.)

Sometimes it would error out. I’d just try again and it would work the second time around.


Drzzs updated video was helpful. Although with the newest update the MQTT max packet side needs to be changed to 1000 minimum from the previous 512. This change wasn’t expected and had I read the actual text in arduino instead of searching Aron d I would have found this out sooner.

Following dr Zzz formatting for the most part to get the devices to become wifi spots when they go offline is great as my router sometimes decides to take a break, a buffalo 1166-dhp2. Once in a while it decides to stop the 5g broadcast. This is a known bug apparently, but it also means that I have to restart my router.

Also should I decide to toss this one out for another flavour and decide not to reinstate my current SSID the same way it will be easier to re-setup the sonoffs.

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