Sonoff B1 with Tasmota for the bathroom. *(for a short time.)

TLDR: No. the Sonoff B1 is just too dark to be useful.

Damn Smart phone not included…

I bought a Sonoff B1 on AliExpress, which was delivered in a week, (link here) thinking it would be a great way to introduce automation in the bath room. (It’s a room for only a bath). I currently have a regular STYLED led light.

Ideally I would have stuff the sonoff in the wall mounted switchbox but ALL the switches in this house have only one wire so that completely discounts using sonoff in the switchboxes. Plus the switchboxes seem to be on the small side in Japan or just my house.

Pulling apart the top part of the bulb is a little worrying the first time but it’s a rather sturdy build and there is little reason to worry

FLASHING the B1 was a little tricky as people mention online. I decided to solder a header as per DR ZZs video. Soldering was a little more challenging than the regular sonoff but easily done.

I was also referring to this post  

Pretty bad soldering job, but it got the job done

My first attempt to flash failed. My second attempt worked. But after entering the yaml code the light would turn blue when restarting Hassio. In the DR ZZs video comments was an entry about the same thing.

I tried reflashing with the 8285 setting and removing the retain command in the configuration.yaml. I still got the blue light. (It’s similar to the BRUH multisensor blue LED on some units)

Workaround: for my automations I specify the brightness and colour temperature.

With the service data entry as:

This still wont solve the blue light upon raspberry pie reboot

As the light is unfit for the bath room I decided it might be good to use in the toilet room. This is a small room for only the toilet. So the Sonoff B1 doesn’t have to be super bright.

This mean I had to undo my setup already in place in the toilet room. Which consisted of a sonoff with fan and LED bulb attached plus a multisensor. The multisensor is overkill but I had it so…

Originally in the toilet room I had attached a reed switch to the sonoff directly to control the lights using hassio. With a 5 min timer and motion detection from the multisensor.

Now motion detection activates the light. The reaction time is slower than a direct PIR but it does the trick. The colors on the color wheel are also a little inaccurate… but there are no plans for a toilet party.

Although the Sonoff B1 is rated at 600lm@6watts my current and house-wide white StyLED bulbs are significantly brighter at a rated 610lm@5.3 watts.

5.3 WATTS and much brighter than the Sonoff B1. 10 bulbs for less than 30USD

For now the search continues for automated bathroom lighting. Maybe a coiled LED strip in the airtight light housing with a wifi remote or sonoff basic/sv.


Update 2019 the sonoff b1 has been moved to the “toilet room” and the code has changed in 0.88

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