USB ghost switching

Dr ZZs once made a video about ghost switching. When long leads pickup signals and the esp8266 (sonoff) interprets them as inputs.

Not quite the case. Although the cases for the multi sensors are a little ghostly. (Car air fresheners containers from Daiso)

My light was going on and off randomly in a room that was not occupied. His happened in consistently at night which was weird.

I thought it was a bad PIR as happened earlier. (A post should come up once a resolution is finalized.)

I was thinking of doing another PIR AM312 swap. (This is a BRUH multisensor) then it occurred to me that at times the USB charger has been making whining noises.

It was a cheap charger I got about 10 years ago. It was never great but always did the job.

A quick swap to an unused iPhone charger and the ghosting stopped. Nice.

Simple and quick solution. I love it.

The charger itself may be on its last legs. If it cannot deliver constant power (I assume) or if it has difficulty with properly powering a multisensor with minimal peer draw it’s. It really worth having around.

Opening it up reveals…



BRUH, I know this isn’t what you meant exactly but “any old USB charger should work” isn’t quite the case. 😬

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