Septic Tank

Did you know that military tanks got that name as a form of misinformation. To keep it secret tanks were given the name “tanks” in order to not arouse suspicious.

But I digress.

Septic tanks… much like sewers are things vital to our way of life but we’d rather not think about.

Living in Tokyo I never had to deal with calling a company to empty out the tank. Although it frequently smelled as if the sewers had issues. That distinct “fragrance de Shibuya”, that many people pretend not to notice.

The other day when weeding the property I decided to open the lid to the tank and take a peak. It looked pretty full at the time…

Not a sight I’d care to see again. Anyways an appointment was set up for this week and the guy came by today.

It was over in about an hour. All that liquid fertilizer (not really) was pumped into the tanker.

It’s a topic I don’t think I’ve ever seen crop up on the “about Japan” blogs/videos. It’s by no means unique to Japan but what is interesting is that many people equate Tokyo and the big city to Japan.

Although soon almost all of the Japanese population will be living in big cities. Vexille anyone?

Just 30 mins from Tokyo septic tanks are common as are non paved roads.

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