Hassio “the grafaning”

Recently I upgraded to Hassio 0.70 (June 2018)

Also installed:

  • SONweb now (tasmota skin 2018.07)
  • InfluxDB
  • Grafana

SONweb is fantastic. Nothing much to say here as DrZZs did a great job with his video.


InfluxDB and Grafana are almost all explained on the component sections of the Hassio site.

After following some tutorial info video from I could for the most part navigate and setup on my own.

As a quick test here’s a screenshot from my phone.

Humidity graph with 10 sensors and a graph line from the local weather report.

And the power report.

The great part about this is that be default the logs are not limited to 24/48 hours as is the default for hassio.

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