Cancelling the cancellation.

A short blurb.

Interestingly when I ordered the same parts from multiple vendors, to see which shipped out first, and decided to cancel the remaining order.

Obviously I had to chose a reason. I chose vendor didn’t ship out quickly as this was my test.

About an hour later the vendor reverses my cancelation and sends me a message explaining that reason was not valid, that I should select a valid reason.

I explained the situation that other vendors had shipped the order out already. This vendor said it was a holiday now. (Other vendors sent before the holiday arrived) and that he’d ship in 5-7 days.

I agreed.

This was just to let you know some odd things can happen on AliExpress.

And now a random shot of things I’m interested in on AliExpress.

As for is AliExpress safe? Since march 2018 (now June) I’ve had no issues. My credit card hasn’t been used without permission. Actually I’m billed via AliExpress London, maybe to ease banking institution worries.

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