Smart bracelet

Recently I went to a clinic and tried the available heart beat / blood pressure machines while in the waiting area.With these kinds of machines I always get nervous and my blood pressure and heartbeat spike. It’s not the first time I see this result. But I know that it’s also not reflective of my real body at rest.At the yearly “mandatory” health checks for the company I was told to redo the tests until my results normalized.

143/76 pressure and a heart rate of 99 beat per minute

The warning chart on the machine is a nice flashy and to me it looks like an inverted chart.img_7858Time to monitor things myself.AliExpress to the rescue… again. Sifting through the many many versions or heart monitors I settled on a smart bracelet.As I just wanted a heart rate monitor compact and light with basic features at, of course, a low price was the name of the game (also having a colour screen was a nice touch). The other things like blood pressure and the like are most likely gimmicks but at about 1300JPY (10USD) with shipping. It would serve as a basic watch on top of a cycling heart monitor as well.The morning after I got it.Heartbeat well within range.Time to check the blood pressure and all that jazz. I’m not sure how it’ll do it without proper sensors for actual pressure.I think it’ll be an approximation based on average values and won’t have much to do with actual reality.As I tried this I got a 150/76 with the same heart rate.I was going to try again when my body calmed down a little. (Rushed to the chair to make it before others). But I was called in by the doctor.The actual functions work well.The instructions are in Chinese English which doesn’t help.

  • The battery claims a one week usage between charge. Although I used it excessively scanning often and playing with the setting it lasted 12 hours short of a week.
  • The display is nice BUT it reacts with water. Meaning in the shower it will start scrolling through the menu and one in a while start scanning or change the main screen look.
  • The connection seems to drop more frequently as the battery drops. Perhaps it’s a coincidence.
  • It works with LINE which is the messaging app of choice in Japan.

In any case super fast shipping with an extra bracelet for 1600¥ is really not bad.Super fast shipping 9 days from ordering.
I got mine here weeks later:

  • Battery lasts with regular use about a week. Maybe 8 days.
  • Phone app disconnects from phone. Bluetooth remains constant.
  • Find phone feature just doesn’t work.
  • Step counter is very sensitive and thus inaccurate.

Still very good deal at this price point.–Charge duration update. When charging with USB the charge lasted almost exactly a week. When charging it from a wall unit (iPhone charger) the charge lasted about 12 days.

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