BRUH multi-sensors resetting?

Once in a while the BRUH multisensors either reboot or drop off wifi, this was apparent with the graphs from HA but even more so with grafana.

Just a vertical line for HA

Grafana after a week. The drops are quite noticeable. This could perhaps be made to look better by increasing polling time or data intervals

A few days starts to look pretty ugly

Sometimes in sync (wifi router?) other times randomly and individually I thought to myself.

For a while I had no leads. Then after converting a nodemcu from BRUH multisensors to a tasmota device (with everything still connected) I noticed that didn’t restart randomly nor drop off wifi. In fact it would be the only nodemcu that was still reporting data when all others dropped out.

Do you see it? The orange line remains constant as the other drop out. That is the nodemcu that I re-flashed with tasmota. (The blue is the online weather report)


I’ve been reading that in BRUHs absence others have been editing and fine tuning the original BRUH code on Github. The link seems to have eluded me at the moment.

Perhaps I’ll try to reflash the updated BRUH code. Or try converting all nodemcus to tasmota while keeping the features OR the option I’d most like to do is to learn arduino.

This is a minor issue. I can’t thank BRUH enough for making things easy to follow and reigniting my love of electronics.

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