How I cut my mobile phone bill in half & Softwank fine print.

Picture of softwank found Here


  • Buy unlocked phone
  • Use MVNO providers
  • This is not uncommon as is a practice done in many countries.

Softwank 30000¥/month

IIJ 10000¥/month (20000¥/month with generous phone subsidy)

201Z was offered to me at no charge for 2 years when I upgraded from an iPhone 4s to a 6plus in 2015, I also add my wife’s phone under my name from docomo.

I asked the staff what the catch was. He said that I’d have to cancel the contract after two years. Fair enough I though to myself I can do that. Took two of the things at 0¥ for 2 years and 500¥ each after the 2 year free trial period. So 1000¥ a month from the 25th month onwards.

Fast forward to 2017. My 2year contract is up for my 6plus. I want to cancel the GPS units. I’m now told that I’d have a 20000yen penalty for breaking contract.

I explained that my contract is with my phones… why would it be different. But alas it was. I was on my 25th month. But my phones (two 6plus) still had a month to go.

I protested and said “this is not what I was told”

No response.

“This is a scam”

No response.

Must be a regular thing for her to hear I assumed.

The agent/robot had no empathy nor sympathy. I found it weird as I was using a calm tone but just asking pointed questions. She would stay quiet on the line waiting for key words à la “Ok google” “Alexa”.

As I got nowhere with her I went into a shop a few days later. The shop confirmed the dates on contracts did not coincide. They they very apologetic and explained that unless I had proof I was told the contracts would sync up that there was nothing that I could do.

Annoyed I started looking into another mobile carrier. The big 3 are all the same imo. So recently with the boom of MVNOs I decided on IIJ as they offered home internet as well.

But my iPhone was a 6plus, which wasn’t allowed to be unlocked to use on IIJ. At the time there were no MNVOs using the softwank network.

New iPhone 7s were in order.

I later cancelled my AUTO RENEWING contract with softwank for two lines AND my internet. I also abandoned my plans to switch my house power to softwank power. (All services under one roof leads to [marginal] savings.)

Of course my internet was also under different contract dates. After asking to cancel once and getting a weird run around I cancelled again and confirmed twice that it was properly done.

I bit the bullet with this one and paid it.

So softwank, due to your business practices you’ve lost

  • 2 now 3 phone lines.
  • Home internet.
  • Option for power

You still have me on your list for the 2 GPS units, till Oct-Nov 2018.


  • 13000¥ my phone + service (26 month) 7GB down to 5gb after one year. [unlimited calls of which I used about 2min a month due to the line app] as a returning softwank member I had the privilege of paying more for my service.
  • 11000¥ wife’s phone + service (26 month) 7GB down to 5gb after one year.
  • 7000¥ internet with mandatory wifi/IP phone router combo rental 500¥. 100mbs

Totalling 31000¥ per month. About 5000¥ per phone being to payback phone subsidy.

So let’s say a total of 20000¥ per month without subsidy. (Approx 200USD)

With IIJ

  • Both phones sharing a 11Gb now 12 gig plan. With 2 month roll over. Unlimited 3G (slow speed) [ip phone app to make lower prices calls or standard rate regular calls]
  • Gigabit fiberoptic connection to house.
  • A 3rd sim for a tablet that shares the gb pool. (Free at the time of getting IIJ service)
  • Contract DOES NOT RENEW automatically and is cancellable with one month notice.

The price 10000¥/month without phone subsidy as they were paid upfront. (2 unlocked phones)

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