Failed OTA sonoff basic via TASMOadmin

Last night for some reason probably half asleep I thought it would be a good idea to try TASMOadmin (SONweb) from my smartphone to update a sonoff basic.

Using the link I made in hassio I loaded up TASMOadmin and proceeded to select a non-critical sonoff that should things fail it wouldn’t matter too much.

I had already tried this from the TASMOadmin page directly from phone but never within the iframe hassio creates.

As the title says… it failed. The sonoff no longer responded and when I realized this in the morning it was blinking fast and of course I had mis-selected an important sonoff.

No WIFI AP… nothing.

Removed all the casings and re flashed using arduino and FTDI. ( maybe I should melt a GPIO access hole in all my sonoff basics)

Re-entered all parameters it’s now working again.

Lesson: don’t do things when tired.

Also going via the hassio iframe doesn’t work well. (This also applies to the “configurator”)

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