Softwank (mobile) part 2

Part 1

June 2018

I had called softwank last week to get clarification on a double charge of 33000¥ (300USD) on my credit card statement.

Originally I had called the residential internet department as I suspected it was a double cancelation fee in error for breaking the contract.

Internet department checked and it wasn’t on their side.

They advised me to check the statement and sure enough it was written “ソフトバンクM” meaning mobile.

I’m confused.

I then asked to be transferred to the mobile department. There I explained my charges and they also had no record.

They asked me again to confirm my identity. Name, DOB and address, plus this time they asked for the 4 last digits of the credit card used in order to launch an investigation. They tell me it’ll take a week.

A few days later I get a call from presumably softwank. The call came from 0800 919 0157 which upon checking is indeed SoftBank however in light of recent news about spoofing numbers I was weary.

The greeting was standard and all seemed normal upon answering. That is except my name was mangled. Hmmmm ok let that slide although it pretty easy. I was speaking to ms Okuma… maybe. Clearly names are easy to forget.

“With regards to your issue we’d like to confirm your ID. Can you give us your credit card number?”
To which I reply asking if they want the full number?
Me – Um I’d rather not.
“Ok then the four last numbers.”
Me – Ok 1002
“Thank you and now the other numbers”
Me – um no.
“I’m sorry sir we cannot assist you if you do not give us your credit card number”
Me – listen I can give you my four last digits or other information to confirm my identity. But as you called me I have no assurances you’re the real deal with the phone number spoofing scams going on. I cannot and will not give you the numbers.
“Then we cannot help you please hold” click.

I was abruptly put on hold. The nerve… to quote my idiotic former boss “this is japan” you cannot simply put someone on hold without asking.

I then hung up after waiting a little.

An attempt to call me back was made about 10 minutes later. I was busy.

That was the end… so far


  • Days later nothing
  • A week later still nothing. Either they refund me or it’s something they can do nothing about.
  • • Month later… still nothing. I take it if there was something they could do they would have done it. In Japan to simply drop the case like this and ZERO communication is unheard of. It tells one all that is needed to understand this company.

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