Dark day

Home assistant is not ready for the general public.

Update to 0.74.1.(later on 0.74.2)

  • The GUI (web interface) isn’t loading.
  • Automations seem to be working.
  • Grafana ok
  • Tasmoadmin ok
  • Pretty much all but the GUI and iOS.

Selecting full restore (wipe restore) with the snapshot isn’t working.

Partial restore works but configuration.yaml isn’t loaded.

Reinstalling didn’t work.

Reinstalling, adding samba, adding the snapshot didn’t work.

Partial restore gets the system up and running but not the yaml files.

So many errors I don’t know where to start.

This is an ongoing issue.

For now after playing with it for hours.

Restored fully without GUI as the automations work.

Thinking I may have to redo EVERYTHING.

Reinstalled/reflashed the RPI3. Restored from back up. Components are installed.

Nothing else works. Copied over my yaml files piece by piece. Seems to work now.

Disabled things I don’t use.

  • Node red ( still don’t use it)
  • Shinobi NVR (too ressource intensive for rpi3)
  • Motion component (for inward facing tv USB camera)
  • Disabled other things
  • Now I’m worried about my next update. (rightfully so, it happened AGAIN!)

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