BRUH to Tasmota conversion.

BRUH got me into this.
BRUH disappeared.
Dr ZZs can in to fill the void. The hook up is assisting.
BRUH left so I’m leaving too.


On core 2_4_1 tasmota 5.12 seems to work without issue.

I love ya BRUH I can’t thank you enough for your push back into the electronics field. But the truth is the BRUH multisensors sometimes reset or freeze up. I would love to ask you about it alas you’re busy with other things.

On github there are people that have edited and improved upon your code.

However, I like the adaptability of tasmota. I can add and remove sensors at a whim without the need to edit and recompile the code.

I recently noticed that control of some of the BRUH multisensors lock up if they’ve been sitting idle for too long. Perhaps before they finally reset.

As I was flashing sonoffs before, I had decided to flash a nodemcu with the tasmota software for my pzem power monitoring. It was a multisensor ready to go and simply reflashed with tasmota.

I’ve also tried the RCWL-0516 in this setup. That story for another time perhaps.

Simply flashing the nodemcu, selecting generic, and assigning the pins in the web GUI gave me a visible dht22 temp and humidity readout.

The led seemed to work at least partially as the color control isn’t quite there yet. But that’s okay as I almost never use the RGB led.

A0 (the analog pin) was the biggest concern. In the BRUH multisensor it reads the light levels. In tasmota it by default reads the vcc in levels.

On the tasmota github there is an edit to insert two forward slashes “//#define USE_ADC_VCC” in the line for ADC in the user_config.h tab (of the arduino ide program).

And to recompile the code before uploading to the nodemcu.

It works, below is a test nodemcu with all the BRUH sensors and an httm capacitive touch led button which I’m testing. (Needing a pull down resistor, come on amazon)

The analog0 would be the “LUX” in the BRUH multisensor.
  • The am312 PIR is enabled as a switch
  • The httm capacitive button also as a switch
  • The dht22 is the SI7021
Still not quite sure about the LED arrangement. But I see no other way to do this at the moment.
  • The change to tasmota does come at a small price. As mentioned the RGB led control. I might copy this and transfer that part of the code over. Also the “real” deal is a nice feature. Also in the code BRUH does link the source.
  • These are additions I’ll have to re-enter manually. When I get time to figure them out.

3 thoughts on “BRUH to Tasmota conversion.

  1. how did you manage to connect the touch switch with Node MCU..? the output of the tousch switch is high when turned on. But Node MCU needs it to be grounded to activate the relay. Please help me in this regard.


    1. At first I connected it straight to the NodeMCU.
      It was hit and miss. Sometimes it used to work other times depending on the loads.
      Using pull down resistors seemed to work well.


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