Power washing the leaning house and area

Recently although I’m not sure how I stumbled into it I started want a pressure washer.

Previously I had noticed the dark almost black mildew or soot or something of the sort on the brick property divider (brick fence) and concrete flooring outside.

If you only know this or gradually get used to this. It’s pretty normal.

With regular garden hose pressure I was able to remove some of the grime.

Weeks later I splurged for a basic karcher k2 classic. I’m not sure why but people here tend to know this as ケルヒャー.

Perusing amazon as one does I noticed the classic model going down in price and there was a big sale coming up. (Surplus clearing?) snatched it up and it arrived the next day with prime membership 7299¥. See here (the price has since fluctuated a little)

I checked just for fun a few days into the Amazon same. The prices had gone up 1000¥. Hmm.

Hmm not for walls…. and yet
And yet the next picture is of someone cleaning cement walls.

As it’s the basic model the K2 classic. It’s specs aren’t the greatest (no wall cleaning as in above pic) With the next incremental model up at twice the price I figured it was fine. Plus should it not be good enough I’d return it to Amazon.

The first test spots were on the “black” brick fence.

Ooh that feels good
Concrete after cleaning and drying

The next part was a quick test on the concrete “deck”/”flooring” outside.

Just further checks to see the efficacy of this unit.
Playing around with the items at my disposal.

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