Tasmota revert to 6.11 -> 5.12 after OTA failure

Update for sonoffs and update path.

From 5.12 the migration path seems to indicate 5.14->6.1.1.

Tasmoadmin allows a 5.12->6.1.1 jump. All sorts of strange behaviour has ensued.

After update the units would sporadically go offline.

The AP wasn’t connectable. Button management on the sonoff was ineffective.

All sorts of button presses attempted ie 4 quick times for an AP, 40 seconds straight to reset the settings . Sometimes I’d get a connection and the sonoff would work for a few hours.

The itead AP would often reappear.

Most recently I updated a test nodemcu from a custom 5.12 to (regular) 6.11. It seemed to work. Then suddenly my custom changes in the 5.12 (namely I had put “// on the #def USE_ADC_VCC” see post) that were present on an update to 6.11 were gone after … 10 hours?

My solution for this nightmare of OTA from 5.12 was to leave units that were working on their respective firmware. The ones that completely stopped working or had become flaky were returned to 5.12 via the serial connection.

Although I worry about the core 2_4_1 it seems to be holding despite being on 5.12.

I read online that 5.12 plus core 2_4 or 2_4_1 is okay. But 6.11 isn’t friendly with core 2_4/2_4_1

In any case this trouble coupled with my recent non fully recoverable redo of hassio has chipped away at the confidence I had in the systems.

In the end this may all be my fault.

  • The migration path for tasmota I should have checked.
  • The hassio crash may be due to overloading or a database size that was too large.


More recently I have had the unfortunate pleasure of dealing with the Arduino IDE program to install 6.11 on some NODEMCUs. More on that…

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