Hassio GUI gone again

Hassio 0.73.0

Since the last time this had happened I’ve been very cautious about updates. I updated the configurator the other day.

  1. Check config
  2. Full snapshot
  3. Restart
  4. Update
  5. Restart

This worked. So I tried again with Grafana.

On the last reboot, there was no GUI on restart.


As I copied my SD-card contents to the desktop (Samba was still active) as last time, I noticed that although  I don’t use it anymore, the Node Red folder seems to have corrupt files. (the deprecated NotoriousBDG version)

  • Files copied over (including the Snapshop from the back up folder)
  • Remove power, re-insert power…
  • wait 10 mins
  • Still no GUI….


// I’m currently in the process of adding nodemcu/wemos to the light switches with relays to be able to control the lights even if Hassio goes down again. Which means that I have no lights and no data at the moment. Just great. //

Following the instructions here as I have in the past a dozen times.

Etcher reflash done

In the RPI3 it goes the micro SD card… and wait…

And it’s back in it’s BASIC formScreenshot 2018-08-11 21.42.10wow new and shiny 0.75.3

Screenshot 2018-08-11 21.55.12

but wait… already errors?

Screenshot 2018-08-11 21.57.15

I don’t have time for this nonsense

Ok… now let’s restart this mess..
Restart works, let’s try a short cut and dump some yaml files back in.

Errors.. I’m guessing the configuration file format is different now?
I’m getting inconsistent errors. at like 399.. even if I delete earlier lines, still line 399…
Screenshot 2018-08-11 22.26.49
I call BS…

restored the fresh new files and transplanted section by section.

There was a spacing issue in the yaml coding.

it’s 80% up now.. what an ordeal. I can’t do this every time.
Hopefully the culprit was Node-RED the deprecated version for hassio.
Also not making it back is the control panel web interface. As it’s a per device customization.
And of course shinobi. Although I think it would be okay. It’s maybe too intensive for the RPI3

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