Reed sensor not working on d8. Nodemcu woes. (BRUH conversion)

Newest build 2018.08.12

“Light switch with extra switches”

Currently there is a wall switch which is unused.

One staircase light was removed and the other is always on as it’s a ceiling fan with remote. As it stands now there is a blank faceplate covering the switch. I was thinking to put in some httm capacitive switches. (As in pic)

Update: The blank faceplate is too thick for the light to shine through.


A separate box to hold the equipment.

  • Wall box
  • Ac -dc buck converter.
  • Httm x3
  • Mode mcu
  • PIR or microwave
  • Reed switch for door
  • Light sensor
  • Humidity and temperature
  • Hooking everything up. The reed switch doesn’t want to play nice in D8. Swapping it with the PIR on D7 works great.
  • having said that a month ago I had a bad PIR, which would stop functioning after a while. I had completely forgotten about it and recently when checking all my spare devices I had completely forgotten about it and labelled it as functional.
  • Interestingly the am312 works at 5v and 3.3v (up to 12v apparently see specs) just my thoughts but it seems to run better at 5 than 3.3.
  • This nodemcu has been tasmotized with 6.11 with the ADS modification to the code for the light meter.
  • This has been put on hold….

    2019.07 resumed going in a simplified direction.

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