Toshiba HDD in disguise?? Marshall

Mid 2017

I decided to build a freenas server for my growing digital media.

For my main archive I chose Seagate iron wolf NAS drives, however my PC that I had built in 2016 had 4TB drives in raid 1 config. I decided to reuse a drive, just for curiosity I decided to try out a Marshall brand drive as a single disk in my desktop. (To preserve my 4TB space.)

Unpacking the Marshall I noticed a striking resemblance to the Toshiba drive.

Pictures below (Toshiba left MD04ACA400 – Marshall right)

MAL… I find that amusing.

Spec wise I think they were the same. It’s been far too long since I put them in.

I instead put it in the server build. My reasoning was that a new drive that looks the same and quite possibly the same would be better than putting in a 1 year old drive.

Now in Aug 2018, no issues so far.

In the server I think I have 8 x 4tb drives in a zfs2. Not optimum I know.

  • 6x 4TB Seagate Iron Wolf NAS drives.
  • 1x 4TB Toshiba
  • 1x 4TB Marshall
  • In a zfs 1(?) raid1/mirror I have my digital media, music, videos.
    2x 2TB Toshiba(?) drives

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