RCWL-0516: More outdoor issues with the PIR AM312


I thought that this movement false positive was only a cheap ip camera thing. Alas no… Come to think of it two sensors are starting to act up. Upstairs bedroom and outside. The bedroom sensor used to give me false positives due to a bad power supply. The outdoor one now seems to alert a lot as the shadow of the house grows and shrinks with the sun’s movements.

Just great, so the plan is to replace the PIR (am312) with the RCWL-0516 microwave radar module. I bought mine here

Supposedly it’s a “Human body induction switch module Intelligent sensor” and from the videos I’ve seen this seems to be the case.

This remains to be seen and tested.


Much later I have started to test these units.

Unlike the videos I’ve seen floating on the net the response not the range seems to be that great nor quick. Are my settings wrong?

For the moment I’ve done a direct swap of the AM312 PIR for the RCWL-0516 in the BRUH multisensor.

Will be trying more soon


UPDATE 2018.09.01

Two weeks of tests later.

I’m having great difficulty with this sensor. The RCWL-0516 as a straight swap for the AM312 PIR in the BRUH sensor seems to completely freeze whilst other BRUH sensors are still active. This happened on two BRUH sensors.

On brief tests it also happened on the tasmota chips as well. But more tests are needed to confirm.

Things to test next.

  • Power to chip. At the moment it’s connected to the Vin @ 5v from a USB charger. Next step to try with another source or @ 3.3v from the node
  • In the end it might be the BRUH sensor. Time to test on a tasmota chip.
I was just there. Waving my hands and walking around.

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