IP67? Lies? (iPhone 7plus)

My iPhone 7 plus had a little accident.

A standard clarification

Protected from immersion in water with a depth of up to 1 meter (or 3.3 feet) for up to 30 mins


I had no choice but to run into the shallow river at a moments notice. I didn’t have time to remove my phone from my pocket (nor wallet or watch). I was in for at most 30 seconds. (Although the phone was in my wet pocket for 5 mins afterwards).

The next day I got the foggy camera and later I has my haptic sensor disabled combined with a “The home button may need service” message. (I should have taken a pic at the time but I thought that this would be a reoccurring message.)

Picture from Paul Morris’ REDMON PIE article in 2016.

Tied to that message I lost audio for the earpiece and speakers. The phone no longer had phone functionality.


Checking the web… out your phone in rice blah blah. No. No. No.

I went to the local DAISO and got some desiccant packs 15-20. The problem with this method to suck the moisture out is that it’s much harder to suck moisture out of a phone supposedly designed to keep it out.

Opening the sim tray was the only thing that I could do to “speed” things along.

A day passed and the haptic came and went. The fog in the lens as well.

Not good.

I decided to buy a kit to open the phone by unscrewing the two retaining screws and using a suction cup to gently pry the screen off. It was a little tough as there was sealant. But obviously not where it counted. (Top corners)

After opening the phone I dried what water I saw.

Unscrewing the selfie cam I dabbed the water droplets and the resting the open phone gently in an open fashion I took a hair dryer and on low setting I placed it about 30cm (1foot) away and let it dry out the phone with warm air for about 20 mins.

After that I put the screen back over the phone leaving a gap of 0.5cm to 1cm then gently put the phone in the bag with the desiccant packs.

24 hours later: (with periodical tests as I’m impatient)

  • The haptic feedback was back
  • Audio via speakers and earpiece were back
  • Home button functioning as normal.
  • Cameras working good.
  • I do have apple care. But water damage may or may not be covered. The phone works great now so, I’ll save my money and forgo the apple care for another time.

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