iPhone 6s not charging? My temporary fix.

More iPhone issues in the past week.

iPhone 6s seen here minus the haptic device.

This time an iPhone 6s stopped wanting to charge.

Insert charging cable in and nothing. Thus syncing was no longer possible.

Cleaned out the lightning port and the please charge icon appeared.

It would detect the cable was plugged in but wouldn’t charge. Obviously I tried with multiple chargers and cables on my 7plus. All is well outside the phone.

The 6s was refusing to charge. Overuse? Over heating? Perhaps.

Went to the docomo shop. Was told there was nothing they could do and should get a new phone.

When scouring the web I discovered it may be an easy fix. (Of course I cannot find the fox now)

Most other sites say:

  • Clean the lighting port
  • Make sure there is power in the outlet the charger is plugged into
  • Make sure the charger and cable work
  • Hard reset
  • Check if the screen is working
  • Go to apple repair
  • The above were just not helpful in my case
  • A comment on ifixit forum said it might be the charge port. Removing it and reconnecting it may reset the battery charging system.
  • Worth a shot I thought to myself. So I opened the phone and started to disassemble the lighting connection. There’s not much I can do so I tried something else.
  • Maybe not that.
  • So I tried disconnecting the battery or rather disconnecting the thin battery connection from under the rectangular metal plate on the right.
  • The metal plate at the 1:30 mark
    • While it was unplugged


    • I connected the charge cable


    • The unit turned on (I think)


    • Turned off the unit


    • Reconnected the cable


    • It showed it was charging


    • Left it to charge


    • It finally showed the password screen.


    • Charged the phone to 20%


    • Shut off


    • Turned on (worked)


    Closed phone

Hooked it up to pc and transferred the data off before is later stopped charging again.

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