Some (re)assembly required. AliExpress damaged packaging & “broken” contents.


Great asset, good selection, good prices.

What’s the downside? Unless you’re into fixing new products sometimes the downside is that your product arrives with damage.

More often than not the product itself will be damage free but the packaging will have gone through a heavy beating.

The other day I bought this “welding” magnifier. It had been stuffed in a bubble wrap shipping bag. As is obvious in the picture the bottom corner suffered a little

Many people would say this is the mail service’s fault and I would agree in part. However which mail service is to blame? In Japan there is rarely this level of damage on domestically shipped packages.

Most packages that come from China are poorly packaged. I’m guessing the minimum a seller can get away with before the customers complain en masse.

DOA: dead on arrival

The product in this case the “helping hands” plus magnifying lens were in pieces upon opening the box. In fact simply handling the box revealed the parts were a little loose.

Luckily this was a case of snapping the parts back together and nothing more. It wasn’t the simplest reassembly I’ve even done but by far not the most complex. I doubt the average person would accept to receive a product in this state.

So why did I accept it as is? Well truth be told. Dealing with AliExpress is a hassle and I would rather try to fix it before attempting to contact them.

Product reassembled with some NodeMCU’s lying around. As I had to rotate the lens it was a little dirty. See pic below.
Ahh clean lens. A NodeMCU under magnification

Other examples that took pictures of are:

No damage. Just lazy packaging. What is the package would have gotten torn.

Capacitive touch buttons halves that have slid apart as they were shipped shoved in a plastic bag in and envelop.

Sonoff basics with torn boxes. They were torn before shipping. If I were drop shipping this would be bad. Lid popped off the double charger.

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