Always connecting never doing – ESP 2.4.0

New NodeMCU…

Flashed Tasmota with the ARDUINO IDE software (to customize the firmware)

The NodeMCU would constantly do the following…

  • I tried re-flashing
  • Using another NODEMCU after discovering a dead one
  • Restoring from another Tasmota NodeMCU
  • Etc

Nothing worked.

Only until I stumbled on this page did I see the solution

13:28:06 MQT: tele/sonoff/LWT = Online (retained)
13:28:06 MQT: cmnd/sonoff/POWER = 
13:29:00 DNS: Initialized
13:29:00 MQT: Attempting connection...
13:29:02 MQT: Connected
13:29:02 MQT: tele/sonoff/LWT = Online (retained)
13:29:02 MQT: cmnd/sonoff/POWER = 
13:29:24 MQT: Attempting connection...

Apparently I was on code 2.4.0 which is weird as some earlier projects are on core 2.4.1.

Screenshot 2018-09-04 16.04.23

So uninstalling all the ESP8266 versions I installed an older version. Although 2.4.1 seems to work for some of my projects I opted to go for the tried and tested 2.3.0. Luckily this worked like a charm and I have made a note to always check this.

Screenshot 2018-09-10 01.39.39

I think that in a recent reinstall of the ARDUINO IDE software I left the default version of the code which is 2.4.0 on.

Had I realized this earlier it would have saved me hours of testing and re-flashing. Once again this Tasmota – Home Assistant DIY solution is just not cut out for the average person.


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