Colourful deliveries

It’s always a mystery what will arrive in the mail. Sometimes the delivery takes forever other times it’s here super fast.

The items arrived 9 days from the purchase with free delivery. These items from different sellers must have be packed in a container that was almost full and ready to go or something.

In any case I’m happy as the jump wire I wasn’t expecting for a while as the seller had taken is time last time saying it was a national holiday. (Despite other shipping-out the same day)

Ahh my shrink tubing and 10cm jump wires
A variety of shrink tubing
DuPont wire. Jump wire. Jumper wire. DuPont cable. Whatever you call it.

For the DuPont wire, if you are not into soldering your projects or like ne you tend to modify them a lot I’d recommend the 10cm length as it is easier to cram into smaller enclosures.

When you have 5 or more sensors with 2-3 wires at 20cm that’s 2meters (6ish feet). 10cm is the way to go.

As for the shrink tubing although the local daiso sells them. The package contains less variety and is 100¥. (Not much I know but still) This newest arrival has the small and super large (for electronics) that the daiso package lacks.

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