Swapping out the circular fluorescent lights with “circular” LEDs 2018 (update 2019)

Another mystery package arrived recently. When I have so many things on the way it’s always tough to guess what it could be given the haphazard nature of the packaging.

This package is not much different, it’s pretty poorly packaged. Thin and light.


And unsurprisingly also arrived in a  damaged box.


As the titles gives it away.  Voila it’s the LED ring.
I bought this as my circular bulbs burnt out and the owner of this rental “leaning house” is too slow to replace it.

This is the LED “bulb” replacement out of the packaging. You can see the two rows of lights. yellow and “white”

After turning the wall switch to OFF. I just a test disconnected the wire from the output of the sonoff and fed it to the LED driver unit. The whole setup it dangling rather precariously for this quick test.

At this unit cycles the colours. The colour upon power up is a bright white on the blue side

Flicking the wall switch revealed the yellow lights turning on. This is very similar to incandescent lighting. (traditional bulbs)

The last quick turn on and off of the wall switch revealed the DUAL yellow and white LEDS turning on to emulate a more daytime light effect. The better out of the 3 options.

Daylight with DUAL LED rows lighting up
This is a shot of the contraption hanging while off

This LED unit is rated at 24w I think and it is SUPER bright. Brighter if not on par with the 32 and 42 watt circular fluorescent bulbs that are already in the light fixture.

img_0748The way this LED light panel is designed to work is with the little magnetic feet included in the set. However this would mean more work for me to remove the bulbs and dismantle the electronics that power the circular fluorescent bulbs. Rather than removing the whole lot I decided to tie wrap (quick tie) the LED panel using the provided holes TO the bulb without going too tight. (not to shatter the bulb)

On the left you can see the sonoff resting on the now unused bulbs as well as the LED driver which is on the right also resting on the bulbs.
Let there be light

Putting the cover back on and with the circular fluorescent bulbs no longer used I the Sonoff Basic can go in the light housing. Previously I thought the light would generate too much heat and would exceed the Sonoff Basic’s operating temperature of 40c.


All in all for 1200JPY (10USD) I think it was well worth it. Although it could have been a little more elegant with something like this replacement bulb.


UPDATE 2019.02.27
About 4 of the white LEDs have started to fail. They will start to flicker and slowly die out. 6 months of use so far. The other bulb replacement LED panel seems fine for the moment.

UPDATE 2019.04
LED plate replaced with another that was bougth in surplus. All is well. I distanced the LED from the fluo bulb this time and there is less residual glow from the latter.

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