NRF24L01+ Tiniest delivery yet (part 1)

NRF24L01+ Tiniest delivery yet (part 1)

It’s the tiniest and oddly enough I think it took the longest to arrive.

The standard great job with packaging I’ve come to expect. . [[[[[[[[
img_0370Ooh another antennae. hmm this digital crop isn’t the best
img_0371Nothing to see here. Only flux residue I think.

This is my little translator from WIFI mqtt to whatever proprietary format the milight uses. The purchase was an idea I picked up on his page.

I bought a milight a little while ago and when I bought it I think I mixed up ailight and milight. Ailight uses wifi Milight uses a proprietary wireless signal it would seem.

The reason for the purchase was to use it instead of the sonoff B1 as the sonoff is much much too dark.

The milight is 1100 lumens @12w and almost if not double the lumens of the sonoff. Sonoff B1 is 6w and 600 lumens.

My original idea was to put it in the bathroom’s light housing and have a rcwl056 human detector by the bathroom to check for motion.

After buying it I realized it was huge and too big to fit in the housing.

So I’m currently unsure where and how to use it.

Maybe I’ll use it in my entrance so show the weather by colour or maybe use it as main lighting that’s adaptive to the outdoors.

I think this is the Sonoff B1 box. Smartphone not included.
As I can’t find my MiLight box this will suffice.

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