Spray cleaning brick-wall fence

As mentioned before I bought a pressure washer.

But what I didn’t expect is the anti-mould bathroom spray to be so effective on the brick.

As this is a rental house I shouldn’t even be doing this but I’d rather clean what I can instead of waiting for the not-so-quick to respond owner to do anything about it.

Black with decades of disgusting dirty rain

Black black is also the name of chewing gum. But this is just gross.

Bubble bath for the mould.

I think I left this on for days until my next opportunity to power wash the brick-fence.

The next time the fence was sprayed it bubbled out the brick for a while. Spraying until it all came out took a minute.

Brick fence washing ケルヒャー レンガ柵Picture taken a month later. Nosy neighbour finally removed her junk.

Post cleaning.

It this better? Well by comparison with the other untreated brick.

Brick fence cleaning.
Picture taken a month later. Nosy neighbour finally removed her junk.
Another pic a month or so later on a light rainy day

I’m surprised just how well that worked. For less than 100¥ for a bottle of anti-mould spray.

I would do the whole fence but it’s just worth the time and effort to clean the whole thing again.

Besides, the owner is responsible.

  • Does this damage the brick? I have no clue.
  • Does it work? Yes
  • Is it cheap. Yes
  • Do I recommend this? Can’t say.
  • Is more research into this needed. Yes.

Update a month later.

I tried again with just the spray

One of the bricks got dirty again with fresh green mould.

So I resprayed it and this time it changed colours. From green and grey to orange… and white suds. Interesting.

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