Battery backup for Home Assistant? Overkill? I used to think so.

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In Japan power outages are rather rare.

Sure there might be one with a storm or typhoon but that’s a maybe.

Recently on a calm autumn day the power went out without apparent reason. (No act of god) Luckily I had my raspberry Pi and thus HA, on backup power.

Some might say this is overkill. I prefer to think of it as insurance. Besides, it shares power with my main server.

I wouldn’t right out suggest this setup, but if you already have one you should definitely consider it.

Previously I suspect my grafana + infux data base were corrupting my SD card with 6GB of logs. (I had not used a clear function nor did I restrict the sensors, so all were logged, that’s another story). With a corrupted SD card the Raspberry will work only until you reboot/restart it. Thus this is why I put in on the battery back up.

My current battery back up is a CyberPower CP750SWLTJP (I think. It’s a regional Japanese version)

As mentioned I used to think it was overkill and that since I already had it I would use my battery backup. Thinking about it some more I’ve started to think that at the very least connecting it via the battery system would provide cleaner frequencies and less complications for the Pi’s power adapter.

The reason I thought it would be overkill is that while it’s great having it always on. The WIFI devices and IoT devices will drop off the network regardless (unless they are all on battery power) of the PI being on backup battery power.

At the moment I have 5 battery backup ports with 7 devices hooked up.

  • Main file/movie/data server (programmed to turn off after a few minutes)
  • PFSENSE router AND (backup) DD-WRT access point
  • ISP modem
  • 8 port switch AND with the Raspberry Pi running HASSIO
  • NVR and POE security cameras (RJ45 from NVR is routed via unit surge protection)

As my main FREENAS server is programmed to perform a graceful shutdown after a few minutes (only the IPMI stays on), the remaining devices are all relatively low powered and so the UPS lasts a long time on battery alone.

The other ports on the back are surge protection that I also use for some non critical devices. TV, PS3 etc.

Interestingly as this post has been in my draft folder for a while a post dealing exactly with this has appeared on the HA forums.

I recently saw this

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