HASS.io History graphs flatlining

As per blog  75.3 to 87.1 I did an update of HASS.io in a manual fashion. There were many factors which pushed me to do so. One of these was the history graphs were flat-lining. This seemingly minor detail bothers me tremendously, given that I no longer use Grafana at the moment (I thought I was pushing the RPi3b too hard so a clean minimalist install is what I decided upon)

To temporary alleviate the issue for the flat-lining graphs I had tried a simple RESTART with varying degrees of success. Sometimes the flat-lining portion seem to get smaller, other times after a lengthy restart there seemed to be no significant change if any.

After an earlier flatline I decided to restart Hassio/Pi and later on the flatline remains as a new on starts.

To actually get results, albeit temporary, I do the following:

  • Select the STOP option in the configuration tab of HASSio, power off, and pull out the card (or SMB into the card?)
  • Delete the database file that seems to grow too quickly.
  • Re-insert the card into the RPi3b and power back on

This generally solves the issues for a few days until it all happens again. Previously I though this might be sign of a potential issue with the SD card. I no longer think so as much, time will tell.

Currently I think it’s more to do with the database size and the sensor history graph settings. [As I write this another possibility has come to mind with regards to the database size. It may be caused by the BRUH sensors I still have as the led brightness fluctuates a lot it would cause the light sensor’s voltage to fluctuate which in tern means the luminosity values fluctuate, thus increasing data point changes in the database]

Later on today the flatline grew in the afternoon

Although I have significantly trimmed the included readings (excluded most) the database, even with a purge every day keep 2 days of data, grows to 700-800MB.

There are no solutions at the moment it would seem. (2019.03.17)

My hypotheses were

  • SD card about to fail (this is possible but unlikely as a reset corrects the graph temporarily
  • Large database and data to post (maybe, but then why after a restart would it work again.)
  • Resources low to make the graphs and recorded as data to show post restart.?
  • Wrong time zone (The time zone is set correctly)
  • A bug in the software
  • (2019.03.23) Another thought occurred to me. Is the history graph deprecated now that there is Lovelace?
Time zone set as Asia/Tokyo

All of which I now think are incorrect. I’m more inclined to that this is something else. Clearly as there is no big uproar it’s not a major issue.

Perhaps there are correlations with others who are experiencing this issue

I’ve posted on the home-assistant.io community forums

All my history information has flatlined… GMT not local?

Later on at 23:00 another check and ….

Later on the same sensor as about shows like this.

This is a sensor placed outside. At 23:00 it is clearly not still light and the line cannot possibly be this flat.


After a week or two. (I forgot)

This is the new graph.

We’ve had strange weather lately with a high of 24 and a low of 0 (celcius)

Overdue update 2019.09.12

For a few months now I’ve been using the only include data function in hassio. By limiting the data to only the ones I want the problem seems to have gone away.

I limit to temperature humidity power.

I don’t bother with binary sensors nor sensors that fluctuate several times a second.

Another entry 2019.07

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