Solved (for me) Hassio not showing update notification. [pfSENSE]

The title was going to be another rant against but in the end it seems it my fault. (Again)

TL;DR Firewall settings for AD, malware, malicious urls disabled update worked fine. Maybe a host system reboot would be in order as well.


Happened again.

For some reason this time I was notified but the install would fail. Until I temporarily disabled blockerNG. Although I whitelisted the hassio download page it seems to still not work great.


Original title: at 0.92.1 still not for the masses

The title is repetitive as this problems are repetitive in nature. During my last update via a complete fresh reinstall to 0.87.1 the update notification had stopped working on the 3rd attempt (the better of the 3, other attempts didn’t load, loaded but the tab was blank)

A normal person simply doesn’t want or need this. They just want to click and forget. Until this happens is just not good enough for the masses. As the version number implies this is still in the test phase.

With my previous re-install of 0.87.1 I managed to limp to a running status which was fine at the time and I couldn’t be bothered to iron out all the details.

This time as I had some time I decided to update, but of course there was no update notification. Putty and SSH to the rescue, with the HomeAssistant page open I proceeded to install 0.92.1. Looked good, though I wish there was a status report in the CLI mode. The cursor is static for a while until “ok”appears.

0.92.1 installed, a quick check and …. tab is blank. wonderful. A quick browser refresh and nothing, a different browser and still nothing. What a PITA…

Since I had the CLI still open, a quick downgrade to 0.92.0 as I thought maybe the latest and greatest had a bug. 0.92.0 was no different. Again with the CLI down to 0.90.0 and…… no change.

One last quick check before a re-install.

Adding hassio:  to the configuration.yaml file is a possible solution. according to though I’m not going to hold my breath.

hassio:    added to the config rebooting and…. no change.

Also reading that I could update the host/hassos. I’m on hassos 2.8 and the latest stable one is 2.11

ugh…. back to a complete manual install. luckily I have an automation to back up the system every night to dropbox.

a quick peek here some etching

Screenshot 2019-05-01 10.53.31


Over 1 hour later, I’m still at this screen. This is not normal.

pfSENSE restrictions on too tight perhaps.

Screenshot 2019-05-01 12.31.19Changes made, pfBlockerNG disabled, 10 mins later all is up and running with the initial Hassio install.

Although I thought that I had white listed the urls.

AWS update server “”.

For now this worked.

Attempting to push my luck I restored from a backup. Restore worked flawlessly. tab working, updated to 92.1 and updated all add-ons.

What a stupidly long ride due to what I think are the firewall restrictions. In my case pfSENSE but I used the same DNSBL lists as pi-hole.

Screenshot 2019-05-01 18.21.28


Screenshot 2019-05-01 14.04.16.png
After my initial CLI update and subsequent downgrade I disabled pfBlockerNG and this appeared eventually. 

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