Recorder histogram flatline testing

2019.07.13: After a few months leaving out, sensors that fluctuate many times a second things seem to be stable. The sensors that fluctuate rapidly are the BRUH type as they send change info if a certain threshold has been met. (2 or 5% change in values)


For months on end after I increased the number of iot devices drastically the state history graph would flatline after a few days no matter the version of HA.

For a week I’ve tested “including” only the power meter data to view my power consumption graph.

No issues.

Today I’ve included 25-30 sensors (temp, humidity, light levels)

We’ll see again in a week.

At the moment I still use the states page. I wonder if this issue has been resolved with Lovelace as virtually no one has this issue.

3days in. All is well.

My database is capped at 24 hours and it now doesn’t go over 50mb.

A week later all is well. I added more sensors which means another reboot, leaving out the PIRs, and rapidly changing luminosity sensors.

The database is now up to 79mb.

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