Wayyyy too hot and humid but the BME280 troops on.

Last year I’ve had to replace the DHT-22 outdoor sensor several times during the peak and constant high humidity levels and the rainy season.

I had discovered the BME280 sensor and read many good reviews.

Wemos D1 Mini and BME280 Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Sensor

Compare different i2c temperature and humidity sensors (SHT2x, SHT3x, SHT85, ..)

Mentioned previously part1 part2 part3

I recently converted my outdoor BRUH multisensor to tasmota (minus the led)

Also I’ve taken the bedroom BRUH multisensor and converted it to tasmota with an addition to a BME280.

DHT22 readings.


Air conditioning on = lower temperature = lower relative humidity?


Darksky is pretty good.

Last night 2019.08.14 typhoon season is here. This is the first test for the BME280 on the 2nd floor.

All way well but something caught my eye and that’s the capping out of humidity to 100%.

The BME280 is just outside the window in a case with aeration holes.

We’ll see if this is a constant occurrence or just coincidence. This may be normal behaviour although the outdoor 1st floor one hasn’t exhibited the same behaviour.

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