Super Typhoon 11 (2019) AKA “Krosa” claims another sensor.

There is much more serious news with regards to typhoons. This isn’t to belittle the importance of actual news, obviously.


In 2018 my wireless ipcam died. It was replaced by a whole NVR system for the outdoors. (Which has been a non iot post in draft mode for a year now)

Countless dht22s and now the latest victim, my new BME280 which was outside on the second floor lightly protected from the elements. The enclosure was not meant for violent sideways rain carrying winds, thus I suspect the the BME280 came into contact with rain and proceeded to malfunction.

This was before the typhoon hit I believe. Odd behaviour when the BME280 caps out.

But not completely as the pressure and temperature work fine. The humidity function is now 10-15% lower than it was.

It has always been that the humidity was higher than the ground floor. During the typhoon this has shifted to lower.

The sudden drop is when I removed the BME280 and put it in a bag with desiccant packs.




Previously outdoor 2F humidity was higher, see below. (A concept that still make me think about it)

Two more BME280s are on the way. I plan to test and replace the malfunctioning ones.

I should redesign my outdoor enclosure to withstand typhoon winds.

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