Hassio still not for the masses. SD card buffet…

I’m not sure just how many times I’ll say this.

The Raspberry Pi although a great little pc, for hassio with over 10 data input points is just not adequate.

If hassio is going to eat my sd cards at the rate of 2-3 per year it’s just not worth it long run.

This is a HUGE minus on the WAF (wife approval factor) and just general frustrations. At the moment I have another card in waiting for the current one to fail. That’s not how it should be.

I need to find a way to

  1. Keep it from eating my cards
  2. Install an SSD instead
  3. Install home assistant in a freenas jail.

Point 1

I’ve ordered some of the best and most recommended cards out there. I’ve also reduced the data that is logged as well as the duration of the logs.

These are the cards used up. With the new spare in the car underneath.

Point 2

This is a project that I want to do. Reading about it I may have to go a non hassio route.

It’s a possibility but I’d have to time this right as the RPi is always running.

I have purchase a USB sata cable for the purpose of testing.

Annoyingly I wasn’t able to directly test with a 2.5″ drive
I did manage in the to test as the HDD uses more power than standard USB.

Point 3

Personally I’d prefer having it separate from freenas as I don’t want everything to fail at once.

I need it to be simple to recover. When I mean simple I mean simple for someone else to recover if I’m not home. (ie swapping out an SD card.)

In the end I might opt to buy a nuc, if it’s more reliable than the RPi-SD card setup perhaps the worries *might* go away.

Actually I might buy a NUC to replace my Pfsense pc with is built inside my server case along side the server and uses a N3150 as a sufficient powerhouse.

At this rate it’ll be cost effective to get rid of SD cards and improve reliability.

Maybe something standard like this.

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