Noob mistake

A project wemos d1 mini I use for tests recently froze when searching for a wifi point.

The old wifi points were for some reason not disappearing but remained as if I had discovered them again.

Reset button not working.

So reflash it was.

It has been a while since I had to wipe an esp8266 chip. I recently saw a “hook up” video and he talked about a esp or was it node python app has a chip eraser. (Sonoff only?)

I’m used to flashesp8266 and the arduino software. At first, flashesp8266 seemed to work. But it wouldn’t

Both failed to flash. Hmm com ports? Drivers?

The arduino software didn’t recognize the com port. Hmm

I tried a all in one flasher. That also didn’t work work. It suggested I install drivers. Hmm. This is odd.

Then I realized when connecting the wemos d1 the windows 10 didn’t chime when connecting.

A micro USB cable swap later… and still no chime.

Finally a third cable and …. success.

I forgot about my charge only cables that I had in the mix.

TLDR; Top tip. Label power/data cables.

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