LWT ghosting the quick and dirty fix.


Change the mqtt topic.



A project I have yet properly posted was a tasmota NODEMCU with a relay and a bunch of sensors. (Bruh plus sonoff and a bit)

I suspect after using too much power and having the breakers trigger, something went weird.

The relay would simply from then on turn itself off.

Searching online.

There’s the physical dr zz


There’s the LWT and various retain options in tasmota and home assistant and hassio.

Nothing seemed to work.

Other solutions I came across

  • Make sure Wi-Fi signal is good.
  • Make sure the power supply is good.
  • Remove mosquito (or delete the mosquito.db) [on hassio so this may require ssh]
  • Don’t overload the power delivery of the nodemcu. (This is my observation)

Yes my setup sucked a lot of power from the Vin. Perhaps about 200ma at 5v (SENSOR INFO HERE)

Removing the sensor that sucked a lot of power. My wifi connection went up from 38-48% to 88-98%. (Actual physical distance is tiny yet through a wall)

Previous the reboots looked like

LWT =ONLINE then power goes off. Hmm I wonder why. But anyways the issue is resolved for now.

I’m thinking that the important point here is LWT = online retained

As when this happened the units relay would turn off.

Getting closer.

Disabling the mqtt messages by removing the mqtt info from tasmota revealed stability. Using the tasmota interface was as smooth as it should be.

MQTT was clearly at fault. I tried one last time to download other software and attempt to clear the messages. I was unsuccessful.


I figured I’d try something silly and see it would work.

In tasmota I changed the MQTT topic.

Adjusted the configuration.yaml file in home assistant to reflect the changes.

Restart home assistant and the tasmota for good measure and the issue seems to be solved.

My mqtt topic was changed from kitchentv to tvkitchen. As this is only for the MQTT broker all else works as it did before.


Although this worked it now prevents me from using that topic. Which isn’t a problem now but should something crop up again then another name change might be required.

It would be better to clear this at the root instead. But now at least I’ve bought myself some time and some sanity of having working automations.

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