Tasmota 5.14 -> 8.1 direct fail

Firstly as the tasmota upgrading page says.

The first rule of upgrading: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

This cannot be stated enough. Fixing something. That worked but broke while updating is not pleasant.

Obviously a direct upload will not work as it needs to be done in progressive steps. Migration.

However. I needed to be above “Tasmota development version” (manual config HA) specifically for the “Sync power state” feature as my tiny electrical box has a pitiful 30A main breaker. (As mentioned)


  • Tasmota 5.12 failed to update OTA TO 6.x. (Via 5.14) (Power monitoring nodemcu) [swapped out with another nodemcu with a flashed Tasmota 8.1 and redid the settings as I didn’t want to mess too much with the main break area]
  • Tasmota 6.1.1 failed to update to 7.x [wall switch with capacitive buttons for the stair light. Xmas tree/misc. WLED lights (maybe) ]


  • Tasmota 5.12 updated to 5.14 and 6x fail. (SONOFF BASIC) [my first sonoff, I thought I had bricked it, USB to serial saved me]
  • Tasmota 6.x updated to 7.x without issue. (SONOFF B1) [

One of the sonoffs was a sonoff b1. (Original) the menu system was much improved over the pre 7.x Tasmota.

NODEMCUs generally accepted the first OTA update. Rebooted and either no response whatsoever (AP would broadcast but not have an http interface) or partial response enough to somehow reboot and continue only to fail at the next stage.

SONOFFs worked a little better. The 5.12 also failed. (Despite reading my own blog entry on successful steps)

USB to serial cable time. Hadn’t done that in years. This time instead of my go to flash program I tried the Tasmotizer.

I had my doubts about the sonoff B1.

But it pulled through.

Yes it’s used in my toilet room as the light is otherwise too dim to use in regular sized room.

The sonoff b1 options seem to have been improved.

All to get the sync power state. Ugh.

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