Hmm aliexpress

You’re always bordering on the edge of dissatisfaction.

The shop I bought my LED strip and accessories from on 11.13 (11.11 sale)

At first I got a false tracking number with local post, probably to extend the time they get to send out the products.

Nothing happens for a week

Then a new package appears with an EMS tracking code that is invalid. The postal package was then cancelled shortly after.

Another week passes with nothing happening.

I contact them.. am told it’s because the package was too heavy…2kg. So they are resending with EMS.

The EMS package waits for pickup for another week.

The suddenly it’s being shipped in the future. “It arrived (tomorrow) 18:45 at Beijing airlines”

This screen shot was taken in japan with JST China is only an hour difference. But 8 hours in the future, scammy…

More lies…

A few days later it arrives in country (Japan) and a couple days after released from customs and at my doorstep.

The contents 5 LED strips (ws2815)

  • 3x 5m (one of which is IP67)
  • 1x 3m
  • 1x 1m (IP67)
  • Power supply 30w@12v to supply
  • 20m of 4wide cabling
  • Clips to connect cabling to strips.
  • Extra ends (for when I cut up some LED strips)

The shipping was as per norm in an nondescript bundle.

The IP67 LED Strips felt homemade or at the very least had sloppy workmanship. It’s doubtful they are sealed properly.

it seems I didn’t keep the pic. In anycase what I did was apply silicone sealant to the edges. It’s not pretty but I’d prefer this setup to last.

This on top of the crinkled packaging.

In many ways I grow tired of AE and can understand the Japanese way more. (Pay more get better service / quality).

Having said that what is 1USD on AE can be found for 20USD in shops sometimes.

With regards to other packages. Over a month to Japan (if at all at this point) is crazy when normally it takes a week or two.

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