Sabrent + Kingston SSD

Is what I’ve been reading about is the easiest conversion from SD-card to SSD for home assistant.

Just do this they said it’ll be easy they said. Never do things go smoothly….

Did the things.

Nothing happened. The sabrent adapter didn’t light up as it had when connected to the pc when etching hassOS.

Hmm. First thoughts, USB PORTS not active.

Yup as it turns out you have to initialize them with the string in config.txt. But which config.txt as it wont load the SSD, the SD-card is the only logical choice.

Ugh, config.txt edited on SD-card. Boots, and straight into the config screen of a new hassio.

Hmm too easy. Installed samba transferred my backup over. Refresh…. nothing. Okay. Let’s reboot.

Reboots (without SD-card I think) my backup is there.

Did a restore (not wipe).

And….. nothing.

Huh? My yaml files were not restored. My devices not restored. The only thing restored were the add-ons. Hmm

Manually restored yaml files.

Reboot and nothing… no reboot.

Re-inserted the SD-card. It now boots, yay… from the SD-card only boo… to confirm, I ask for graphs… the SD-card light blinks furiously, whilst the sabrent is resting.

Yank the sabrent adapter out and nothing.

3am rolls around.

Reinsert SD-card make sure it all works.

To be continued…

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