Hmm aliexpress

You’re always bordering on the edge of dissatisfaction. The shop I bought my LED strip and accessories from on 11.13 (11.11 sale) At first I got a false tracking number with local post, probably to extend the time they get to send out the products. Nothing happens for a week Then a new package appears with an EMS tracking code that is invalid. The postal … Continue reading Hmm aliexpress

Tasmota 5.14 -> 8.1 direct fail

Firstly as the tasmota upgrading page says. The first rule of upgrading: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! This cannot be stated enough. Fixing something. That worked but broke while updating is not pleasant. Obviously a direct upload will not work as it needs to be done in progressive steps. Migration. However. I needed to be above “Tasmota development version” (manual config HA) … Continue reading Tasmota 5.14 -> 8.1 direct fail

LWT ghosting the quick and dirty fix.

TL;DR Change the mqtt topic. —– BACKGROUND: A project I have yet properly posted was a tasmota NODEMCU with a relay and a bunch of sensors. (Bruh plus sonoff and a bit) I suspect after using too much power and having the breakers trigger, something went weird. The relay would simply from then on turn itself off. Searching online. There’s the physical dr zz reading LWT ghosting the quick and dirty fix.