iPhone 6s not charging? My temporary fix.

More iPhone issues in the past week. This time an iPhone 6s stopped wanting to charge. Insert charging cable in and nothing. Thus syncing was no longer possible. Cleaned out the lightning port and the please charge icon appeared. It would detect the cable was plugged in but wouldn’t charge. Obviously I tried with multiple chargers and cables on my 7plus. All is well outside … Continue reading iPhone 6s not charging? My temporary fix.

USB ghost switching

Dr ZZs once made a video about ghost switching. When long leads pickup signals and the esp8266 (sonoff) interprets them as inputs. Not quite the case. Although the cases for the multi sensors are a little ghostly. (Car air fresheners containers from Daiso) My light was going on and off randomly in a room that was not occupied. His happened in consistently at night which … Continue reading USB ghost switching

My first hiccup with AliExpress

For the Bruh multisensor, I decided it might be prudent of me to also order some cheap USB power adapters after all if all the parts were in working order I’d have 10 multi-sensors sensors. Now I know not to expect much especially when I found a dual 2.1/1 amp charger for 103JPY. I figured I’d give them a try, as with shipping they would … Continue reading My first hiccup with AliExpress